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When will my account be setup?

We use a combination of automated fraud prevention systems that review all orders. Paid orders are generally approved automatically within 5-10 minutes. If your order was flagged for manual review, we will contact you within 6-12 hours to resolve the issue.

Hosting Setup

Shared and Reseller hosting accounts are setup automatically once your order has been approved. VPS hosting accounts are provisioned and tested by a system administrator. This process can take 4-12 hours depending on your custom configuration requirements and the time the order was placed.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates vary in setup time depending on the certificate type. Domain validated certificates are typically issued within 30 minutes of ordering. Organization and Extended validation certificates require a manual validation process performed by the certificate authority and issuance can take up to 10 business days.

Domain Names

Domain name registrations are available for use immediately after the order has been approved. Domain transfers can take up to 14 days to complete depending on your current registrar. Disabling domain locking and privacy protection with your current registrar are both required to transfer a domain. Disabling these features beforehand will shorten the transfer time significantly. Some other restrictions (such as recent domain creation and contact details changing) may delay domain transfers. If you contact us we can verify that your domain can be transferred.

Hosted Email

Hosted email accounts are setup immediately after the order has been approved. You will have to update your domain name in order to start using the service. Please see your welcome email for further instructions.

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