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What is ExtendedSSL and when should companies use it?

EV SSL represents the most significant advancement in how consumers identify a secure site since the inception of SSL over 10 years ago and activates the browser’s green address bar in IE7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari. In addition to turning the address bar green, websites using EV SSL feature the standard SSL “padlock”, as well as displaying advanced security and identity information, including the organisation name and country behind the website and the issuing SSL Certification Authority - namely the credible and long time established GlobalSign. These additional features provide visitors with visual reassurance that the site they are visiting is legitimate and that their personal information is fully secure - a clear business differentiation for online companies taking preventative action against today’s relentless phishing attacks.

Companies with an online presence should adopt EV SSL to:

  • Protect customers’ accounts from phishing attacks – any website that gives their customers accounts is a potential phishing attack
  • Protect your brand from copy cat websites – ensure customers know the site claiming to be you really is you
  • Elevate your site image – position your brand against the big brands, thousands of which have already adopted EV SSL

EV SSL will not only help to achieve the above but will also reduce companies’ shopping basket abandonment rates, therefore increasing sales conversions. EV SSL increases trust and higher trust means more confidence in the web site and more confidence inevitably means higher visitor to customer conversions.

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