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Domain Validation

Domain validation is the most basic type of SSL. This type of certificate is issued quickly and only involves a simple domain ownership check however they provide fewer additional features. Domain validated certificates are generally the least expensive.

Organization Validation

Organization validated SSL certificates include verification of the business/organization behind the domain. This extra step provides a higher level of security and lets customers know they can trust your website with their personal information.

Extended Validation

Extended validation is the highest level of validation available. The certificate authority conducts an in-depth verification of your business before issuing the certificate. This type of SSL displays a green bar in your visitor's address bar, earning the highest degree of user trust.

Top SSL Picks


Domain Validation (DV)
$10,000 Warranty
Single Domain


Domain Validation (DV)
$10,000 Warranty
2-100 domains


Domain Validation (DV)
$5,000 Warranty
Domain + All Subdomains


Organization Validation (OV)
$100,000 Warranty
Single Domain


Organization Validation (OV)
$1,250,000 Warranty
4-100 domains


Organization Validation (OV)
$1,250,000 Warranty
Domain + All Subdomains


Extended Validation (EV)
$1,750,000 Warranty
Single Domain


Extended Validation (EV)
$1,500,000 Warranty
5-100 domains

What's amazing about SSL Certificates

Rock-solid Security

SSL certificates provide up to 256-bit encryption for data protection and maximum visitor security.

Increased Customer Confidence

Customers actively look for the SSL lock before entering sensitive data. SSL certificates help to increase your customer's trust in your online business.

Improve Search Ranking

Google gives higher rankings to websites secured with SSL certificates. Meaning SSL certificates are important for your online business.

Site Seal

Each certificate comes with a Site Seal that serves as a constant reminder your customer is protected on your website

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your SSL Certificate within 30 days, simply contact us for a full refund. For more information, visit Our Guarantees.


What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL Certificates are a digital certificate issued by a central authority. Depending on the type of certificate they verify ownership of the domain name, organization existence, or in-depth organization verification.
Why should I buy a SSL Certificate?
The main reason to purchase a certificate is to encrypt the connection between your server and visitors. In 2014 Google started factoring certificate use in it's search results (Details).

The use of SSL Certificates is also very important when collecting sensitive information, such as payment details, from visitors. Certificates help to verify you are a trusted business, increasing user confidence, and online sales.
What browsers are supported?
All major browsers support the use of SSL Certificates. Browser support will vary slightly between different brands and certificates, view the certificate details for more information.
What if want to upgrade my certificate?
The manner in which certificates are issued does not allow for upgrading an existing certificate, however a new certificate can be issued.
Do you install the certificate for me?
Yes, we provide free installation on SkyToaster servers. Directions and Support are available for certificates being installed on non-SkyToaster servers.
Does one certificate cover all of my domains?
Depending on the certificate it can be issued for multiple domain names. You will need a certificate supporting SANs, for more information contact us.
What is the difference with Wildcard SSL Certificates?
Wildcard SSL Certificates are issued to all subdomains in addition to the base domain name. This allows you to use the same certificate with several address such as, and Extended Validation certificates do not support wildcards.
Why do some certificates take longer to issue than others?
Organization and Extended Certificates go beyond domain certificates, and verify the existence of your business. This process is completed manually by a verification specialist over several days. These certificates once issued generally offer a higher conversion rate as a result of the verification.
What is your Money Back guarantee?
If you are unhappy with your certificate for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund. No paperwork or red tape. For more information about our guarantees, please see Our Guarantees.

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